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Are you looking forward to enjoy a fine cup of tea? Then you should go ahead and purchase Marie-Antoinette pink tin and Marie-Antoinette tea available in tea bags. If you try Marie-Antoinette tea once, you will definitely come across the need to enjoy them over and over again.

Marie-Antoinette tea has got a rich history as well. The brand was initially founded back in 1672 and has maintained an excellent reputation since then by catering the needs of people. In fact, people who are looking for the best quality tea have circled around Marie-Antoinette brand to enjoy what’s offered to them.

Marie-Antoinette tea has got its roots in Sri Lanka. Pure Sri Lankan tea with rose petals, apples and roses can be found in the Marie-Antoinette pink tin. This tea caddy is something that you would absolutely love to have. Marie-Antoinette tea that you can find in the pink tin would not just taste great. You will also get the opportunity to experience the fascinating fragrance, which is filled with a fruity aroma. Hence, you will get the opportunity to go through a unique experience.

Most of the people who purchased Marie-Antoinette tea that comes in the pink colored tin have stated that it is a delicious and a delightful tea available to consume. The overall experience of drinking this tea is pretty much similar to slipping flowers on the lips. The overall taste delivered by the tea has been enhanced with the combination of apples. You can even think about serving this amazingly tasteful tea to the guests who come to your place. They will definitely get impressed with the beverage. Apart from buying the pink colored tin, you can also buy the Marie-Antoinette tea available in the form of tea bags to that that experience.

French teas have always maintained a high reputation for their uniqueness. Marie-Antoinette in pink tin has been able to take that uniqueness into a whole new level. Therefore, Marie-Antoinette can be considered as an exceptional brand that offers the best quality French teas. When you are enjoying the tea, you will be able to experience a strong floral flavor. It is not possible to experience such a flavor in many other types of teas available in the market. The floral flavor is perfectly balanced with the introduction of tart apple. In fact, Marie-Antoinette can deliver a one of a kind taste for the individuals who consume this tea.


Due to the uniqueness of Marie-Antoinette tea, it was able to win the first place at the North American Tea Championship, which was held back in 2014. As a result, Marie-Antoinette brand got into the annual world tea expo to exhibit what it has got. It can be considered as the biggest trade event that exists in the tea industry. This fact proves that Marie-Antoinette was recognized as one of the best-selling tea types available in the market for interested people to go ahead and purchase.