All starts in 1896

Emile Moench, a young French apprentice to a baker in Vienna, discovers that his boss uses baking powder instead of baker's yeast to swell his buns.

Back in France, he moved with his young wife in a small village: Igney-Avricourt and began to manufacture in his cellar this famous baking powder in his pink bag. The marketing is then assured by the village priest!

In 1897, Emile founded the company Alsa and moved to Nancy. His wife, Elisabeth, energetic and hardworking woman, dreams one day of an Alsatian wearing a cap alongside a stork. This is the trigger, since the pink bags take as emblems an Alsatian.
Year after year, the range Alsa expands and offers since 1930 dessert preparations including the famous Flan Alsa.

Emile and Elisabeth work with their son Paul and Christian. Elisabeth supervises the work in the factory. Paul manages the business with his father Christian is passionate about aviation, he baptized his plane Alsa and made the brand known around the world.

In 1936, Emile Moench launched his book "280 Alsa pastries recipes". He will be the first publisher of pre-war cookbooks. This book will be distributed until 1958 to several million copies.
In 1948, the little pink bag invaded France, placing Alsa as the undisputed leader in the baking powder market. Already recognized as a mark of sharing and tradition, the brand wins the support of consumers who are constantly consuming greedily recipes tasty.
In 1972, faithful to its origins, the production site Alsa moved into brand new premises in the center of Nancy to its suburbs (Ludres). A research and development center is associated with the production site, pastry chefs design the desserts of tomorrow
Renowned for its know-how, the brand favors simplicity and a guarantee of success: it is sufficient for some products to add milk or eggs. For those in a hurry, Alsa was the first brand to develop delicious ready-to-cook cakes.

Over the last 4 years, with more than 30 novelties, Alsa is constantly renewing itself to seduce even more demanding gourmands.

Alsa draws on its "home-made" expertise and makes the fast and successful recipes available to the novices more accessible to the novices.

With the first preparations for "My home-made fruit ice cream" or "My homemade yogurt", Alsa offers gourmets the opportunity to make their own essential desserts.
The little pink bag continues to be the emblem of the brand with 3 bags sold in France every second.


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