In 1919, Armand Bizouard, descendant of a line of mustard makers since François Naigeon, received master-vinaigrier in 1703, deposits the mark Amora at the registry of the commercial court of Dijon. But he does not use it and sells his company to Raymond Sachot in 1931.

In the meantime, the Amora brand is registered in the United States by Bloomingdale's. When the protection expires in 1934, Raymond Sachot again lays the brand and launches the marketing of Amora mustards in glass jars. It then moves production from the artisanal stage to the industrial stage. In 1939 he took over the Philbée (gingerbread) companies, the Mouillard mustards (in Dijon) and Jacquemin (in Meursault), to create the SAB company (Burgundy food specialties). From the 1950s, the company grew and developed on salad dressings, ketchups, mayonnaise or pickles. In 1963, SAB, Brochet Frères, Vandamme and Francorusse merge to create the Générale Alimentaire.


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