Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® is a registered trademark worldwide. Its particularity is to be an unsweetened mustard, recipe kept secret, and centuries old. It is a completely natural product without preservatives. Its recipe goes back to 1632 when the Dignitaries of the Chapter of Meaux prepared this product so particular and jealously guarded the secrets of manufacture.

In 1760, one of the Dignitaries transmitted to J. B. Pommery the know-how of this recipe. This is how Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® crossed the centuries while maintaining its particularities as well as its secret, its recipe remaining unchanged. Totally different from the Dijon mustard, which is sieved, its name has been protected making it impossible to copy. So-called "old-fashioned" mustards are actually only attempts to copy Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery®. Without preservatives or additives, its preservation is due in part to its conditioning in sandstone pot and its corking natural cork with its red wax seal.

The main advantage of this mustard is its use in the culinary art because its use is not only to accompany the grill, but also and especially in preparations such as covering a leg of lamb or rabbit before cooking.

Formerly, she accompanied all the royal meals. It now finds its place in the cuisines of high gastronomy French around the world.

The Seasonings Briards offer you this year all new flavors. A mustard with candied ciron will accompany you all summer on grilled meats, fish and vinaigrettes. Proposed by Pommery®, this powerful mustard in grains with lemon zest and basil leaves, will ideally highlight the fish and will also find its place in a cold sauce. Its freshness by its lemony side will sublimate your summer meals.
Pommery® also offers two new fine mustards.

The first is an exceptional combination with the pepper Voatsiperifery, a wild pepper from Madagascar, with its fragrant and fruity aromas, which make this sifted mustard an essential ally for all your grills. This pepper is harvested between June and August entirely by hand by Malagasy village communities which makes this coveted bay very rare. Usually used in gastronomy to accompany starters or desserts such as chocolate, it is in mustard that Pommery® has chosen to incorporate it for a subtle and tasty wedding.


The Briard Seasonings also offer you their latest creation with Pommery® Fine Mustard with Perigord Black Truffle. This subtle marriage between an exceptional mustard and the alliance of Tuber Brumale and Melanosporum will delight truffle lovers. This new creation will perfectly accompany your meats, cheeses and end of year dishes.


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