Francine, good ideas in cooking! Thanks to its unequaled know-how, Francine offers a wide range of flours and preparations to allow you to create all your recipes in a jiffy according to your imagination.

Its 3 key values ​​are complicity, pleasure and creativity.

Francine offers flours of all types to make all your sweet or savory recipes, bread flours and yeasts to make your best buns or your best breads and a range of preparations to achieve in two stages, three movements, recipes unavoidable: pancake, pizza, choux pastry, crumble .. Francine thought of everything to delight the whole family.

There is more to let talk your creativity and voila!

In 1965, 8 millers created France Farine to manufacture and distribute flour in sachets under the Francine brand.

With unrivaled know-how, Francine has developed over the years a wide range of products including:
- The fluid flour, with it more need to sift as in the last century, is the guarantee anti-lumps.
- Cake flour, with incorporated baking powder.
- The range of Preparations for pancake batter, waffles, crumble and many other recipes.
- The range of bread flours and baker's yeast.
- The Supreme, the first canned flour Francine
- In 2009, Francine goes organic by launching her organic wheat flour
- The first canned buckwheat flour in 2013

A true brand "institution", Francine is now an integral part of French culinary heritage. It is therefore natural that the brand had created in 2003 the event "Cuisines en Fête": the festival of homemade for all tastes and talents that took place on the last weekend of September.
Francine has also been on the initiative of the Comité Chandeleur since 1997, which contributes to the promotion and media coverage of this calendar festival celebrating pancakes.


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