Our heritage. Producer of agri-food products since 1907, Hénaff is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful entrepreneurial adventures in Brittany. The secret to having risen to the top of its various markets? Maintaining, over time, a rigorous and conscientious approach and respect for principles inspired by the largest companies.

First with the vegetable cannery, then with the birth of the famous Pâté Hénaff in 1915 until obtaining the EPV label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" in 2016, a mark of recognition of the State to distinguish the French companies having exceptional know-how. This is the story of a family business that has developed over the years, without ever calling into question the extreme attention paid to the quality of its products.

Jean, the founder, Corentin, Jean-Jacques and Loïc: four generations of Hénaff have succeeded at the head of the company with the same commitment dedicated to ensure its sustainability, but also the development of the territory and respect for the environment .

One can not evoke the epic Hénaff without mentioning some significant events for the history of the brand. The makeover of the Pâté Hénaff box by Raymond Loewy's teams in 1959, for example, or the abandonment of canned vegetables and fish in 1971, then the expansion of the range of pâtés and terrines in the 1980s.

In 1995, it was the turn of a range of fresh sausages, always of high quality to join the productions of the company. Hénaff was a pioneer in 2006, choosing to clearly display the name and photo of the local pig farmer on sausage packages.

The company celebrates its centenary in 2007. On this occasion, it inaugurates its museum - the House Hénaff - in the old farm of Jean Hénaff in Pouldreuzic.



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