A taste that creates new markets We stand behind our family name, Hengstenberg, which is a synonym of real taste and traditional quality. Our customers have been given us their trust for 140 years. We produce the finest quality food products in-house using our own recipes and simple ingredients to get the genuine German flavor that continues to gain favor over the world. Quality and taste made in Germany 100% trustworthy cooperation with farmers and suppliers 100% best raw material 100% quality 100% satisfied clients and consumers It is the terroir Southern Germany simply has the right terroir. Wine is not the only thing that grows particularly well here. Indeed, our cabbage also appreciates the mild climate, the good soil and the gentle moisture. Just like for a good wine, it is the climate and soil that determine its unique character. Sunshine, gentle rain and cultivation simply produce really good products. Innovation is our tradition What began with vinegar and pickles has since developed into an international gourmet food brand. Today, Hengstenberg specialties are known by connoisseurs throughout the world. Whether it is our delicately savory vinegar flavors, our traditional sauerkraut, our mild red cabbage or our crunchy pickles, the name Hengstenberg stands for quality and taste. https://www.hengstenberg.com/


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