A family legend
LazzaroniThe generations bearing the name Lazzaroni have managed to express entrepreneurs who have brought a personal touch to the development of the company: Giuseppe, Carlo, Pietro, Paolo, Luigi, Mario are the names that gave birth to the legend Lazzaroni.

The new production technologies, the quality and the originality of the products have always been the subject of a great interest and a lot of research for Paolo Lazzaroni and his descendants, which allowed the reality of the company to reach the current level of prestige and recognition in Italy and abroad.

Quality as a tradition
The importance of quality in the product range Paolo Lazzaroni has always been at the top of the scale of values: gold medals, coats of arms and prices bear witness to this in the past; international success in today's reality.

The search and selection of the most authentic raw materials, the "sacred" respect of the old formulas and the strict controls throughout the transformation engage Paolo Lazzaroni and Figli, with all his collaborators, in a continuous demonstration of professionalism and efficiency with the latest technologies.



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