Everything begins in 1875 with the opening in Cahors of a small workshop that quickly becomes the meeting place for all the gourmets of the region. With a growing reputation, the company led by Léonce Rougié, then by his son Jean Rougié, began its spectacular international development in the 1950s.
Constantly perfecting its working methods and recipes, the brand becomes a true emblem of good French taste. Its foie gras and truffles are appreciated on the most prestigious tables in the world.

Today, Rougié is present in the palaces, the great restaurants, the luxury shops and the airlines of 120 countries on the 5 continents.

An ambition, stay in the firmament. Established in Sarlat, the architectural jewel of the Périgord Noir, the Rougié House inscribes its future in the development of productions placed under the sign of the highest quality. Its membership of the Euralis Group gives it total control of the duck foie gras sector, from the egg to the finished product.
Recently involved in foie gras, the Euralis Group has become in less than 10 years the market leader in foie gras and duck and goose meat. It federates 700 producers of ducks, thus holding 30% of the French production of foie gras. With Rougié, the company is an export leader with 35% of foie gras exports in the world.

Rougié products have been present in Japan since the 1960s, one of the very first clients being Emperor Hirohito himself. At a reception given by Hirohito in honor of Den Xiaoping, Chef Watanabe, then head of the Imperial residence, served a Kobe beef tournedos with foie gras and Perigord truffle, which he named for the opportunity "Tournedos Jean Rougié"!




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