NINA’S began in 1672 when Pierre Diaz created “La Distillerie Frères”. It was the first company to distill lavender essential oils in France and became renowned for their art of creating fragrances.

With their distinguished reputation, “La Distillerie Frères” led by Pierre Diaz, who was also known as “the Magician of Aromas”, became the supplier of fragrances for King Louis XIV and the Court of Versailles, where their lavender and rose fragrances were later particularly enjoyed by Marie-Antoinette.

The savoir-faire that has been passed down over the years to create these fragrances is now used to make unique NINA’S flavoured teas.

NINA’S was named after Nina Diaz, who created a recipe for a cake that was offered to Marie-Antoinette called NINASETTE in 1778. The women of the family Diaz inherited this antique recipe over the centuries.

Until today, NINA’S store has always been located next to la place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris and succeeds the passion of Pierre Diaz to serve the best aromatic teas. The Original Marie-Antoinette Tea made of fresh hand-picked apples and roses from the King‘s Kitchen Garden of Versailles remains one of the most unique flavoured teas in the world.

“Le Potager du Roi” is a Garden created under the orders of King Louis XIV of France.  The huge Garden became well known for its reputation to supply fruits and vegetables to their King, and later on as one of Marie-Antoinette’s favourite places. NINA’S PARIS is the only official partner of Le Potager du Roi to develop exclusive delicatessen made from rare fruits from the King’s Kitchen Garden in Versailles.